Located in the heart of campus, UCLA Recreation & Campus Life offers 50 club sports and more than 200 instructional classes for students each quarter. UCLA Rec is involved in more than 100 events occurring on campus throughout the school year involving UCLA students, faculty, staff, residence halls, and the community.

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Move-In Fair:
The first events of Welcome Week, over 12,000 students and many with their family members move into their residence halls. During this 3 day fair, the residential hall community can visit with vendors. 

Bruin Bash Concert:
One of the first events of Welcome Week, Bruin Bash is a concert for over 10,000 students to kick-start the year with amazing performances by well-known artists. Past artists have included Maddeon, E-40, LMFAO, and Kendrick Lamar.

Enormous Activities Fair (EAF):
This is the largest gathering of student at UCLA during the back-to-school events. EAF brings over 1,000 student groups and over 100 campus departments, services and sponsors. More than 12,000 students are drawn to find a new organization to join, learn about a campus resource or try a new product. Booth space can be purchased to sample or distribute a product or create an engaging space to facilitate interaction between students and a brand.

I Heart Walking:
During the week of Valentine’s Day, more than 3,000 of UCLA’s faculty and staff gather every day during the noon hour to take a walk. The I Heart Walking event takes place in a different campus location each day of the week to reach the widest audience possible, and is perfect for brands looking to engage with non-students. 

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Sponsorship Deck

The Sponsorship Deck includes information about our various student and campus events with sponsorship opportunities. (Note - the link is a 14MB PDF file).

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If you have any further questions about UCLA Recreation and Campus Life opportunities, please contact Kiran Mistry (kmistry@recreation.ucla.edu).