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Welcome to the UCLA Club Sports Program!  The program consists of more than 45 clubs and nearly 1500 participants.  All clubs are administered by UCLA Recreation, however, all clubs are organized by student officers.  To help provide a better overview of the program, consider the following facts:

  • A majority of clubs practice two to three times per week and compete each weekend while in-season.
  • A majority of clubs practice and compete on-campus utilizing Department resources, however, several clubs do practice and compete utilizing off-campus facilities.
  • A majority of clubs compete in regional and national tournament each year involving travel to locations from the west coast to the east coast and many points in between.
  • A majority of clubs charge participant dues ranging from $50-250 per quarter.
  • Several clubs have a coach or instructor to assist with proper training, organizing practices, and coaching during competitions.
  • Several clubs have organized international travel in the past including such locations at Hong Kong, Western Canada, Western France and Western Turkey.

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