Yoga Instructor Bio's

Marco Antonio        
"A break dancer + martial artist turned yoga instructor who first began practicing the discipline to alleviate the stress & physical ailments derived from cranking through a standard nine-to-five design job. Today, he’s a Lululemon brand ambassador who teaches a fusion of movement arts + AcroYoga at corporate events & fitness retreats all over the globe. His brand Salamat Yoga focuses on finding gratitude within yourself to find time to practice on the mat. With his relentless dedication, he radiates humble vibes through his creativity, playful personality, and mindful inspiration. Marco's enlightenment is to set up his students up for success and unravel unforeseen strengths of the student's internal retrospect."

Anna Sophie Conversano  

"I took my first yoga class over 10 years ago at just 16 years old. Since, my life in all regards has evolved and grown in ways I never thought possible. Yoga heals, y'all! And I have first hand experience of this. My passion is to empower others' healing and growth by guiding them back into their bodies, breath and present moment though the practice of Yoga. I am a Yoga Therapist In-Training, studying at LMU and it is my intention to bring yoga to all people in all walks of life.

My classes are both fluid and challenging, while remaining gentle and aware. Through a strong focus on the mindful connection between breath and body, my goal as a teacher is to guide you in conscious movement while reminding you the importance of alignment, breath and looking deeply within during each moment.

Besides yoga, my additional loves in life are India, getting lost in the woods, drinking too much kombucha and reading all of the books I can get my hands on.



Mona Wells 
Completed her Prana Yoga certification at the Open Center in NYC under the direction of Dr. Jeff Migdow. 

Her classes are a moving meditation - blending a slow gentle Hatha flow with an awareness to the breath and feeling good in your body. 

She continues to study from many gifted teachers and draws inspiration and community from students and classes. The spirit of dance is infused throughout with the aim of expanding our capacity for joy." 



Sandra Plazinic       

"Shaping long lasting relationships with students are Sandra's biggest priority. Trained and certified by Yoga Works Sandra enjoys promoting health, strength, flexibility and fitness through a sophisticated Yoga practice based on aligning mind, body and spirit. Burning the ""tapas"" and developing core strength, patience as well as endurance for people who seek to maintain a healthy and more aware lifestyle. Feeling graceful, finding peace and gratitude through a practice are essential to her teachings. 

As part of Sandra's fitness, dance and Yoga training she combines sculpting elements that will shape your body and change your thinking patterns. Sandra emphasizes the right placement, channels focus and explores different breathing techniques to connect the body with the mind. Mind fullness and breathing (Pranayama) are important elements in Sandra's Yoga class, as well as improving your energy, enhancing your ability to sculpt your body, and making the most efficient use of your inner thoughts.

""There is a furious warrior in all of us that is burning to see the light of the day"" 





Carina Marsella      

After having danced her whole life, Carina started attending UCLA and took time to explore other passions. Though she stepped away from the dance studio in college, she found yoga as a way to maintain creativity and movement in her daily life. 

She earned her Yoga Sculpt Certification from CorePower Yoga because this high energy, music driven class leaves her feeling strong and empowered!


Brenda Johnson      

My Classes are multi level, variations for poses are given for gentler and more vigorous practice.   Some classes are slow and alignment oriented, while others will flow.  

We work with the body (asana), breath (pranayama) and mind (meditation) for a balanced and fun practice.  Touching your toes is optional and never required.









Robin Blades           

Robin offers yoga classes that are accessible to everyone. She teaches a vinyasa-flow based practice focused on rooting every movement in the breath. 

We will learn to balance active and passive postures, static holds and restorative releases, inhale and exhale. Regardless of background or prior experience, every student has a place in this healing practice. 

By sharing our breath and intention, we will develop ease in our bodies and in our lives. She has studied with Ai Kubo and Annie Carpenter.






Cassandra Cunningham     

I am a 500 hour YogaWorks certified yoga teacher with training in TRX and Sculpt. 

I have a background in coaching athletics as well as my own personal practice, from soccer to yoga.  Fitness has always been a part of my life and teaching gives me the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and training to others so they can obtain the strength and flexibility they are looking for, both mind and body. 

I bring a sense of grounding to my classes guiding my students to connect with themselves and one another as well as providing a safe space to allow them to embrace who they are while challenging them by building both mental and physical strength. 




Allie Dutto

Hi yogis! My name is Allie Dutto and I have been teaching yoga for over a year after I got my 200hr-RYT certification at CorePower Yoga. In my classes I hope to challenge, encourage, and most importantly invite passion into each student's practice. I focus on strengthening the mind and the body by holding poses and emphasizing breath. This allows students to slow down and get the maximum physical and mental benefits out of each pose. Proper alignment is a fundamental part of each class as I strive for my students to learn more about their bodies and reach their full potential. Fun, smooth music is essential as we flow breath-to-movement to establish a moving meditation and, of course, break a sweat! Most importantly, students will always get the opportunity to practice new breathing techniques as well as meditation. Namaste! "






Kathy Martelli

Bio to come.