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Intramural Field Undergoes Conversion to Synthetic Turf

Beginning December 1, the Intramural Field began the conversion to synthetic turf.  The conversion of the IM Field to synthetic turf will allow the department to expand playing time to year round. The new synthetic turf will give UCLA Recreation almost 24/7 play time, which will better serve our growing Intramural and Competitive Sports programs along with sport activities on campus. The field conversion will also play an essential role in our sustainability initiatives, as we expect to save 6.5 million gallons of water each year.

While the field is under construction, creative solutions will be put in place by UCLA Recreation to continue to offer Intramural Sports programming, in addition to support our highly competitive Club Sports Athletes. The department will be working with other campus resources to ensure a positive experience for all of our athletes.


Facility Rental:

Intramural Field Rental Rates click here

Field Size:  approx. 10 acres (709' x 474')

Activities:  Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Summer Camps

Additional Equipment Available:  Tables, Chairs, Goals (soccer, field hockey, lacrosse)

Additional Fees:  Setup, labor, goal rental and custodial

Rental Price for Off Campus Users: 

Space Under 6 Hours Over 6 Hours
Entire Field $2,500 $5,000
Half Field (festival/parking) $1,750 $3,300
Half Field (recreation/sports) $900 $1,750
Main Field per Quadrant (festival/parking) $500 $1,000
Main Field per Quadrant (recreation/sports) $300 $500



The intramural field is available for a variety of activities.  Call (310) 206-8307 for more information.  Please refrain from using the field when activities are scheduled or the field signs indicate that the facility is closed.

Directions: Located west of the Wooden Center and north of Pauley Pavilion.

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Other Information:
The Intramural and North Athletic fields accommodate Intramural Sports, Club Sports, Open Recreation and various special event activities.