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The NEW Martial Arts Leadership Team (MaLT) is open for enrollment - Click Here to enroll. In addition to MaLT you can join the Self Defense Instructor Program and train to become a UCLA Self Defense Instructor. Information on both programs can be found by Clicking Here. Both programs open to all participants regardless of skill level.

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Instructional Martial Arts Classes
We currently offer classes in 16 different styles of martial arts from all across the world. All of our classes are taught by highly qualified and experienced instructors who are guaranteed to provide an active, safe, and fun environment in which to learn. With classes including the traditional Japanese Karate, the acrobatic Brazilian Capoeira, and the practical Israeli Krav Maga, there is sure to be a martial art that is perfect for you.

Bruin Self Defense (FREE!!!)
Don't miss out on learning how to defend yourself this quarter! FREE Self Defense classes will be running throughout the quarter on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00pm at the John Wooden Center (Yates Gymnasium). Come to one or come to all; each workshop will address specific and individual self defense topics so you will not miss out if you don't make it to one of the sessions!

Click Here to sign up for the upcoming week, just look for Bruin Self Defense!
*Please note that these workshops are only available to UCLA students, faculty, staff, and recreation members.

UCLA Martial Arts Custom Workshops
We can provide custom programs to any group affiliated with UCLA (student groups, office/department, etc.) or any public group wishing to use our facilities. We offer a variety of martial arts styles/topics and/or specialized seminars ranging from basic self-defense to specific martial arts like Muay Thai and Ninjutsu. We also provide workshops on particular scenarios like knife defense, using everyday items as weapons, sexual assault, joint locks, takedowns etc... Check out the form for a list of the most popular workshops requested. Click here to complete the form.

ORL STUDENT LEADERS: If you would like to request a custom self defense workshop for your Residential Hall or Floor (RA's, RD's and Student Leaders) please Click Here for the UCLA Martial Arts Custom ORL Workshop form.

Professional Guest Seminars New Seminars for Winter 2013!
UCLA Martial Arts consistently brings in world-renowned martial artists for special one-day training seminars. Available to students, faculty, staff, and the public at extremely affordable rates, such seminars are perfect for the UCLA community and have been wildly popular thus far. In the past year, we have hosted seminars with Jean Jacques Machado (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), Nicolais Saignac (French Savate) and Sangtiennoi (Muay Thai). Join the UCLA Martial Arts Facebook group to stay up-to-date on upcoming guest seminars and other events.

Martial Arts Leadership Team
As part of our Martial Arts Leadership Team (MaLT), students in our martial arts classes have the opportunity to participate in specialized martial arts training, attend special events and work towards becoming an assistant instructor at UCLA. This program includes specialized training, discounts on classes and seminars, and the opportunity to learn from top experts in the martial arts and education worlds.

Club Sports
There are many great opportunities to meet new people and stay active with the 11 student-run martial arts club sports. Current sports include: Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Boxing, Fencing, Wrestling, Kendo, and many more.

Many of our Martial Arts Program participants compete successfully in regional, national, and world championship tournaments. UCLA has also been fortunate enough to host many national and international tournaments including the First International Rickson Gracie BJJ Tournament, the Annual Collegiate Wushu Tournament, and the Annual Yu-Hi Hai Kendo Tournament.

Sexual Assault Education Program
Throughout the year, UCLA Martial Arts teams up with CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) to host "Know Your Power Self Defense" workshops. In these workshops, members of the UCLA Martial Arts Program act out specific situations related to sexual assault and provide basic preventative self-defense techniques to participants.