The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Scholarship for Students on Financial Aid

Partial to full scholarships for undergraduates to enroll in an OA trip.

Outdoor Adventures is the grateful recipient of a grant from The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF).  OA trips provide opportunities to appreciate the magnificent beauty of the great outdoors, learn about responsible environmental stewardship, and connect with the community through shared, nature-based experiences.  OA and TGIF recognize that the cost of enrolling in one of these trips can be prohibitive to our diverse population of undergraduates here at UCLA.  As such, TGIF has generously granted funding for partial-to-full scholarships for financial-aid-eligible individuals to enroll in an OA trip.  

The grant does not cover the cost of personal camping gear, which can be rented at the OA Rental Center.  Be sure to read through all of our existing policies and expectations for OA trips on our website, as these are still true for TGIF scholarship recipients.

Students who meet the eligibility criteria should submit an application in the manner described below.  Once the deadline to apply has been reached, all applications will be assessed and decisions will be made and communicated to the applicants by the date noted.  Roughly half of all the participant spots on each trip are reserved for TGIF enrollment.  Applicants should read through this website carefully in order to understand the application process and our policies.  There are no exceptions made to our policies and the application process.

The application for Spring Quarter TGIF scholarships will open here on March 1, 2017.  The application will close on March 20, 2017.

Eligibility Criteria
The criteria for use of this grant is that the student is (1) a current undergraduate at UCLA, and (2) can demonstrate financial aid eligibility via their eFAN (Category "Financial Aid Eligibility" must show amount greater than $0.00).

Application and Enrollment Process and Policies

Step 1: The deadline to apply for a TGIF scholarship for Spring Quarter trips will be March 20, 2017.  The application is now closed.

Step 2: Applicants will be notified no later than March 31 if, and for which trip, they have been granted the scholarship, along with a confirmation of the scholarship amount. 

Step 3: To complete enrollment, recipients will be instructed to pick up their enrollment forms from the OA office and submit to the John Wooden Center Sales Desk from April 3 - 21, 2017, along with any applicable balance of the trip cost.  The scholarship recipient's spot in the trip will remain reserved for them until this deadline.  Scholarship recipients are not enrolled until they complete this step!  Failure to enroll by this deadline will result in loss of the reserved spot and potentially disqualify the applicant from future scholarship eligibility.

*If a scholarship recipient wishes to decline their offer, they must do so via email no later than April 7, 2017, in order to avoid penalties.  Failure to do so will disqualify the applicant from future scholarship eligibility.

How much of the trip cost will be covered by the grant, if I am selected?
Scholarships amounts are based on the student’s financial aid eligibility, as established by the UCLA’s Financial Aid Notification.  If your application is approved, the scholarship will reflect the ratio of your financial aid eligibility to your cost of attendance.  To obtain this ratio, you will need to download your eFAN (electronic financial aid notification).  Divide your financial aid eligibility over your cost of attendance to receive the percentage of aid that you are eligible for.  This is the percentage of the trip cost that you may be granted if you are successfully selected.  You will then be responsible for paying the balance.

For example, Josie Bruin's eFAN states her financial aid eligibility to be $24,892, and her cost of attendance to be $29,932.  Her ratio of financial aid eligibility over cost of attendance is $24,892 / $29,932, which equals 83%.  She wants to go on the Camp and Explore Yosemite trip, which costs $200.  She is eligible for an 83% scholarship from TGIF.  Thus, if her application is approved, TGIF will pay $166 and Josie will pay the remaining balance of $34.

How do I find and download my eFAN?
This can be found on your MyUCLA account, under the Finances tab, after clicking “Awards and Notices.”  Then click “view” for this academic year’s eFAN, and then click the “Print” icon near the top right in order to download the document as a PDF.  You will need to submit this PDF as a part of your application. 

Policy on withdrawing
In the event that you would like to withdraw from a trip that you have enrolled in via the TGIF grant, this withdrawal must occur before the refund deadline, which is noon, 2 business days before the Pre-Trip Meeting.  You must notify OA Coordinator, Michelle Perrault, at by this deadline.  You will be eligible for a 90% refund of your fees paid if you meet this deadline.  Participants who withdraw after this deadline will forfeit their privilege to use the grant in the future, and will not receive a refund for their portion of the trip fees.  Like our existing refund policy, an exception can be made in the case of medical or serious family emergency.

Frequently asked questions:

Even though trips go on sale March 15, will spots still be reserved for TGIF people?
Yes.  As indicated above, half of all spots on our trips will be reserved for TGIF grant recipients.  So on March 15, when trips go on sale, only half of the spots are actually on sale.  TGIF grant recipients, if selected, will then enroll in the reserved spots.

Will all applicants be granted the scholarship?  Is it possible to be denied?
There are limits to how many people will be granted scholarships, and these limits have to do with how many spaces are available on a trip and how much funding is available.  Not all applicants will necessarily be granted a scholarship.  For example, if 12 people apply for the grant for one trip, but there are only 6 grant spots, then only 6 of the 12 applicants can be granted a scholarship spot on the trip.  So yes, it is possible to have an application denied.  You might choose to apply for more than one trip in order to increase your chances of being selected.  The more popular trips will most likely be more competitive.

More questions?
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