UCLA Recreation

Pac-12 Fitness Challenge

During the 2014 Pac 12 Fitness Challenge, the schools of the Pac 12 will compete for the title of the most fit campus. Help ensure victory for UCLA by logging your exercise minutes on the Pac 12 Fitness Challenge Website. UCLA has swept the competition for the past two years, and it is time to take the victory home for a third year! This year's challenge is February 23 - 27, and when you register for the challenge you'll receive an exclusive UCLA Recreation drawstring bag! 

How to register:
  1. Go to www.pac12challenge.org and create an account.
  2. Log in to the website and enter your exercise minutes, up to 120 minutes/day!
  3. Continue to log your minutes February 23 - 27 to ensure UCLA's victory
Pick your Challenge!

If you're looking for an extra challenge, take on one of our fitness challenges below. Just be sure to log your minutes!

Daily Challenge


Get your friends to join the challenge! Help them register online, and then take a 12 minute walk around campus to log those minutes.


Show the Pac-12 who's the fittest in the league! Today, try to do 12 lunges in a minute for 12 minutes.


Today's challenge is to do 12 squats every hour throughout your work day. How many consecutive hours can you do?


See if you can do 120 seconds of plank! Rest as needed, but be sure to keep track of time until you've accumulated 120 seconds. Every minute counts in the Fitness Challenge!


To finish the Challenge strong, start with 12 burpees (one for each school of the Pac-12). Each round do 1 less until you've done a ladder down to 1. Log your minutes for a UCLA Victory!

Additional Challenges
  • Time your Trip! Exercise is part of the UCLA lifestyle, so for this week, time yourself when you walk to class or to work! This is exercise already worked into your day, and every minute counts!
  • Take the stairs! If you work on campus, stairs are unavoidable. Embrace the stairs for the week to give yourself some extra minutes.
  • Meet on the go! If you're meeting up with a friend or colleague, take a walk! Your brain will be clear, your body will thank you, and you can enjoy the beautiful Los Angeles weather.
  • Make your desk time count. UCLA Recreation has a ton of videos with tutorials on exercises you can do at your desk. Pick a different video each day to log minutes even when you're stuck inside.
  • Are you a runner? In honor of the Challenge, try to run a 12-minute mile!
  • With midterms & finals, the whole campus is working hard. Any time you take a break from work or studying, do 12 push-ups to clear your brain, refocus, and help UCLA towards victory!
  • If you love to walk, check out these walking routes on campus around Westwood!