UCLA Recreation Youth Programs offers a wide variety of summer camps for children in grades K–12. Located at UCLA, the camps emphasize each child's needs and personal development within a group setting.

Activities for younger children feature cooperative play and include indoor/outdoor games, arts and crafts, swimming, and field trips. For elementary children, camps focus on areas of interest: science, sports, acting, creative thinking, performance, and arts and crafts. Secondary school students can enjoy week-long programs in surfing, sailing, and rock climbing, as well as educational exploration in our adventure camps.


Summer Camps


Little Bruins Clubhouse

Little Bruins Clubhouse

A service provided by the staff at Campus Recreation to supervise children of students in a safe & secure children's area. 

  • Hours of Operation:  
    June 26 - Aug. 30
    Mon. - Wed. 5-8:30pm 
  • Ages:  Diaper graduate-13 years
  • Admission: free and available to students only at this time.  Space is limited to 40 participants on a first come, first serve basis.  
  • Parents must be on campus and available via phone or text

Please note: Should a situation or emergency arise, the staff will alert the parent immediately

Little Bruins Clubhouse Form

University Apartment South

UAS Classes offer University Apartment South residents the opportunity to register for a variety of fitness and art related courses. These classes are brought to UAS Residents at an affordable cost by subsidies from UASRA. Instructed by well versed professionals, the UAS Classes are structured to appeal to men, women, and children of various age and interest levels.  We offer classes for children (0-11 years old) as well as for adults.  Please see our current schedule for more information.  


Spring Offerings 

Residents can register online or by visiting Sales & Services at the John Wooden Center (1st Floor). All classes are held in the Community Room unless otherwise noted. UAS Residents not living within University Village are encouraged to attend these classes but cannot be guaranteed access.

UAS Recreation Programs Enrollment Form

For any additional questions or more information, please feel free to contact us at (310) 206-1787 or jheyl@recreation.ucla.edu


Youth Sports

Swimming Lessons

Spring Break Camps

Family Resources

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