UCLA Recreation is committed to providing high quality recreational experiences that benefit the campus community.

Reflecting the varied leisure and wellness needs of the University community, UCLA Recreation provides extensive access to a broad range of recreational activities and services. The Department offers programming which encompasses the competitive, passive, social, cultural, and instructional aspects of recreational activity. In addition, UCLA Recreation manages 14 of the University's recreational and athletic facilities offering recreation, sport, and numerous multi-use options for student and university events.

UCLA students, faculty, staff and eligible alumni affiliates (and their family members) can access our many programs and facilities. UCLA students, through their tuition and fees have access to recreation facilities and may purchase additional services. UCLA faculty, staff, emeriti and alumni affiliates (and their family members) are eligible to purchase a membership for access to our many programs and facilities.

Institutional studies indicate that over 80% of UCLA students utilize recreational facilities or services during their tenure at the University.

Department Mission Statement

CRA Timeline - View UCLA Recreation's Historical Timeline and Overview of Cultural and Recreational Affairs.

UCLA Community's Demand for Recreational Space - UCLA Recreational Space Master Plan.


As one of our core values at UCLA Recreation, sustainability, or meeting the current needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, guides the creation of our programs and operations of our venues. Active Sustainability is a comprehensive view of all the different components to living a healthy lifestyle – from eating healthy and staying physically active, to proper waste management and resource efficiency & conservation. We strive to create active opportunites within our venues that are safe, playable, and sustainable, placing consideration of the environment, the economy, and social equity into everything we do.

For updates on what we're doing to promote Active Sustainability, visit our webpage:  Sustainability Webpage


Staff Directory

Erinn McMahan
Executive Director, UCLA Recreation
emcmahan@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.2538
Rudy Figueroa
Senior Associate Director - Facility Operations
rfigueroa@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.0518
Mick Deluca
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Campus Life
mdeluca@saonet.ucla.edu | 310.206.1753
Maureen Wadleigh
CFO Campus Life
mwadleigh@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.0197
Kiran Mistry
Development and Sponsorship Officer
kmistry@saonet.ucla.edu | 310.678.4556
Jason Zeck
Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Campus Life & Assistant Dean of Students
jzeck@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5575

Zoila De la Pena
Business Analyst
zdelapen@saonet.ucla.edu | 310.825.6479
Jennifer Flanders
Executive Support Manager
jflanders@saonet.ucla.edu | 310.825.0409
Matthew Elkins
Chief Administrative Officer
melkins@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.1213
Recreation Sales & Service
Remi Mizuiri
Membership Services Support
rmizuiri@recreation.ucla.edu |310.422.9783
Assistant Sales and Cashiering Manager

Sabrina Basoff-Roman
Sales and Service Coordinator-Sunset Canyon Recreation Center
sbasoff@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.1776
Human Resources
Jamaal Gulledge
Human Resources Manager
jgulledge@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5880
Isabel Garcia
Human Resources Analyst
igarcia@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5784
Human Resources Analyst

Chett Miller
Training and Development Specialist
Cmiller@recreation.ucla.edu| 310.206.5679
Purchasing & Procurement
Judy Nieblas
Business Services Manager
jnieblas@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.1732
Anthony Jones
Business Services Coordinator
ajones@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.8606
Jillian Jones
Business Services Fund Analyst
jjones@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.794.7640
Sr. Marketing Communications & Membership Manager

Keli Tashiro
Multimedia and Graphic Design Coordinator
ktashiro@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.794.9579
Vanessa Mejia
Marketing Coordinator
vmejia@recreation.ucla.edu | 213.604.1949
Competitive Sports
Brian Smith
Associate Director, Recreational Sports
brsmith@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8338
Program Director, Recreational Sports

Megan Normansell
Competitive Sports Coordinator
mnormansell@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5570
Hrag Yazijian
Competitive Sports Coordinator
hyazijian@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.794.6768
Paul McCarthy
Martial Arts Coordinator
pmccarthy@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5612
Michael Garafola
Adaptive Program Coordinator
mgarafola@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.1059
Mildred Artuz
Budget Analyst
martuz@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8699
 Marcel Stiffey
 Rowing Coach
 Dave Clancy
 Rugy Coach
 Cole Schwartz
 Esports Engagement Coordinator
 Sunny Yen
 Esports Engagement Coordinator
Athletic Training
Tony Spino
Athletic Training Services Director
tspino@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.267.5416
Oscar Rinon
Club Sports Head Athletic Trainer
orinon@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.0621
Emily Raber
Club Sports Athletic Trainer
Athletic Trainer
Elisa Terry
Associate Director, Well Being Programs
eterry@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.7976
Amber Brown
Program Director, FITWELL
abrown@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.4924
Kelly Shedd
Program Director, Fitness & Wellness
kshedd@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.794.7765
Amanda Muenzer
FITWELL Coordinator
amuenzer@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.6132
Erin Matthews
Corbin Ross
Assistant Manager, JWC
cross@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.3704

Assistant Manager, JWC
 Juliane Nguyen
 Jnguyen@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8220
 Adam Hall
  AHall@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.3823
Youth and Instructional Programs
Tracie Lockwood
Associate Director, Experiential Programs
tlockwood@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.629.3713
Tiffany Cote
Assistant Director, Instructional & Youth Programs
tcote@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8241
Nattu Coleman
Youth & Family Program Coordinator
ncoleman@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.0847
Jayme Heyl
Youth & Family Programs Coordinator
jheyl@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.1787
 Steve Nevarez-Soto
 Youth & Instructional Programs Coordinator
 snevarezsoto@recreation.ucla.edu |310.206.7689
 John Foissett, Jr. 
 High School and Customer Programs Coordinator
 JFoissett@recreation.ucla.edu| 310.794.1354
Marina Aquatic Center
Kristen Lockwood
MAC Program Director
klockwood@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.822.2276
Nora Lee
MAC Manager
nlee@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.305.1576
Briana Wise
MAC Staff Training & Facility Operations Coordinator
bwise@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.823.0048
Brian Pfeifer
MAC Maintenance Technician
bpfeifer@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.823.0048
Kylie Sullivan
MAC Youth Program Coordinator
ksullivan@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.822.2276
Outdoor Adventures
Liz Bernier
Program Director, Outdoor Adventures
ebernier@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.1665
Michelle Perrault
Experiential Program Director
mperrault@recreation.ucla.edu |310.559.9399
Outdoor Leadership Training Coordinator
Sunset Canyon Recreation Center & Aquatics
Staci Snyder
North Zone Venue Manager
ssnyder@recreation.ucla.edu |310.825.3671
Clint Svatos
Aquatics Manager
csvatos@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.983.3330
Siobhan Goodwell
Aquatics Coordinator
sgoodwell@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.8378
Richard McCarty
Certified Pool Operator
Erika Stebbins
Masters Swim Club, Head Coach
estebbins@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.386.2712
Julia Voitovitsch
Bruin Swim Club, Head Coach
jvoitovitsch@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.9183
Ivan Podvalov
Bruin Swim Club, Assistant Coach
Student Recreation Venues
Rudy Figueroa
Interim Associate Director, Student Recreation Venues
rfigueroa@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.0518
John Fallman
Project Manager
jfallman@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.5140
Dion Veloz
Manager, Student Activities Center & North Athletic Field
dveloz@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.0544
Beth Glazer
Assistant Manager, Student Activities Center
bglazer@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8307
Events Management Office / Pauley Pavilion
Jenna Parikh
Manager, Sports Venues & Event Operations
jparikh@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.3588
Chelsey Sobel
Event Production Manager
csobel@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.3588

Lorrie Klimoski
Event Production Manager
lklimoski@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.3588

Dennis Koehne
Assistant Manager, Facility and Event Operations
dkoehne@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.4546
Edgar Torres
Assistant Manager, Facility and Event Operations
etorres@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.4546
Ignacio Vega
Manager, Facility and Event Operations
ivega@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.825.4547
Dan Belanger
Recreational Technician Manager
dbelanger@recreation.ucla.edu | 310.206.8726
Sustainability Coordinator
| 310.206.4338

Advisory Board - John Wooden Center Board of Governors

The John Wooden Center Board of Governors is a student majority committee which is involved in decisions regarding the design and use of as well as policy and operational issues regarding the John Wooden Center, UCLA’s recreation facility.

The John Wooden Center is a multi-faceted facility. For an overview of the facility and an in-depth history of the Wooden Center, please click here

Have a question regarding board meeting protocol?  Then click here for a summary of Robert's Rules of Order.

Related Links:

2017- 18 Roster

Meeting Minutes and Charter

JWC BOG Resolutions

UCLA Community's Demand for Recreational Space - UCLA Recreational Space Master Plan.

Advisory Board - Student Activities Center Board of Governors

The Student Activities Center Board of Governors oversees the Student Activities Center. The SAC Board of Governors is a majority student run board whose membership is composed of tenants of the SAC, with four graduate representatives and four undergraduate representatives. The SAC Board of Governors is responsible for the review, recommendation and oversight of all budgetary operations of the SAC and acts in an advisory role to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Student Activities Center Board of Governors 2017-18 Roster

Student Activities Center Charter

Student Activities Center Meeting Minutes

SAC BOG Annual Reports

Have a question regarding board meeting protocol?  Then click here for a summary of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Advisory Board - Student Leadership Employee Advisory Council

The Student Leadership Employee Advisory Council is made up of a minimum of 12 students appointed from the program, facility, or service they represent (i.e., Intramurals, FIT, Aquatics, MAC, etc.) within UCLA Recreation. Each of the at large members must have prior participation and involvement in the programs and services of UCLA Recreation. At large members are appointed by a Manager, Assistant Director, or Director with UCLA Recreation.

The purpose of the Student Leadership Employee Advisory Council is to provide an opportunity for student involvement with Recreation related business in an advisory role, interaction with professional staff and to promote student employee leadership development. The Council is charged with the responsibility to:

  1. Advise the Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific Recreation programs;
  2. Serve as a sounding board for all Recreation programs and services;
  3. Advise the Recreation staff of needed additions/improvements to Recreation facilities;
  4. Promote and participate in student leadership development opportunities for Recreation student staff;
  5. Promote and organize special events to recognize student employee service and achievement; and
  6. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Recreation.


The Rec It Program

The Rec It Program aims to reward the UCLA Recreation student employees who are going above and beyond in their jobs. Professional staff can reward student employees Rec Its for:

  1. Customer Care - For example, a student employee goes outside to help orient a patron to a map of campus to help them find what they're looking for.
  2. Teachable Moments - For example, if a student is seen helping a student on the job to complete a task.
  3. Shift Cover/Shift Pick Up - For example, if a student from a different unit can help man a desk so that unit can have a staff meeting, the student would be rewarded.
  4. Overall Improvement for the Unit/Program - For example, a staff member decorated the entire JWC front desk on his/her own time.
  5. Initiative Taking - For example, a student asks what they can do to help.
  6. Creative Problem-Solving - For example, if marketing needs a dolly and the front desk is out - the staff member calls around to find one to help marketing.
  7. Students can earn 3 Rec-Its for attending a professional development workshop.

The Rec It Rules

  1. You may exchange your Rec Its for a prize on the 2nd floor desk of JWC between 9am - 5pm
  2. You must present your Bruin card when you exchange your Rec Its for a prize
  3. Rec Its do not expire at the end of a quarter, but raffle drawings happen once a quarter
  4. You may not share or pool your Rec Its with a co-worker

The Rec It Shop*

1 Rec-It

 If a student earns 1 Rec-It, they can trade it in for a Rec-It raffle ticket (drawing for professional sports tickets), a drawstring backpack or a canvas tote.

2 Rec-Its

If a student earns 2 Rec-Its, they can choose between a plastic UCLA Tumbler, UCLA mug, or UCLA teddy bear.

3 Rec-Its

If a student earns 3 Rec-Its, they can choose between a UCLA reusable water bottle, or a T-shirt (Variety).

4 Rec-Its

If a student earns 4 Rec-Its, they can choose between a UCLA pint glass, UCLA sporting equipment, Adidas Gift Card 50% off Outdoor Gear, an adidas duffel bag, or private tour of Pauley Pavilion.

5 Rec-Its

If a student earns 5 Rec-Its, they can choose between Apples to Apples prize pack, or 4 Jersey Mike's Sandwiches, Lunch with a Pro staff or time to jump on the Tumbling Trampoline.

6 Rec-Its

If a student earns 6 Rec-Its, they can choose between a UCLA rug, or waive an IM registration fee, or a Pulse Pen Prize Pack.

Variety of spirit rugs thanks to Collegiate Concepts: https://www.collegiateconcepts.net/21/index.html

7 Rec-Its

If a student earns 7 Rec-Its, they can choose between a group ex fit pass or tickets to a UCLA event.


UCLA Recreation Inclusion Policies

UCLA Recreation values all of our patrons, and strives to ensure that all members of our UCLA community have equal access to health and wellness opportunitites.

UCLA Recreation Transgender Inclusion Guidelines

In keeping with the University’s policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression, UCLA Recreation supports and values an individual’s right to access and utilize recreation facilities, restrooms, locker rooms, programs, and services in accordance with an individual’s gender identity and gender expression.  Participation in club sports may have policies related to player eligibility that are stipulated by the national governing body of each sport.  While the department does not have control over governing body policies, we support and advocate for the inclusion of all players, regardless of gender identity and gender expression.

UCLA Recreation is a proud partner of the UCLA Committee on Sports Equity

The UCLA Committee on Sports Equity utilizes the power of sport to help create social change and a movement towards celebrating all people and communities in and around the sports culture.  Our mission is to explore policies and guidelines, program offerings, and opportunities to advocate for a diverse and inclusive sports community.  The UCLA Committee on Sports Equity is a collaborative initiative between the Campus Life Office of Sports Equity, UCLA Recreation, UCLA Athletics and the Office of Residential Life.  The committee is comprised of full-time staff, student athletes, coaches, and student employees.