Yoga Instructor Bio's

Marco Antonio        

"A break dancer + martial artist turned yoga instructor who first began practicing the discipline to alleviate the stress & physical ailments derived from cranking through a standard nine-to-five design job. Today, he’s a Lululemon brand ambassador who teaches a fusion of movement arts + AcroYoga at corporate events & fitness retreats all over the globe. His brand Salamat Yoga focuses on finding gratitude within yourself to find time to practice on the mat. With his relentless dedication, he radiates humble vibes through his creativity, playful personality, and mindful inspiration. Marco's enlightenment is to set up his students up for success and unravel unforeseen strengths of the student's internal retrospect."








Fiona McCarthy

Growing up, my mom was a yogi, but I began my personal yoga journey when I was a freshman in high school. Yoga showed me a way to connect with myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It offered a new way to ground down, to open up, and to be present in each and every moment.

I always knew that I wanted to share the beauty and power I found in my yoga practice with others by teaching. In 2017, I studied with CorePower Yoga to obtain a 200hr certification based on a combination of Power Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. By continuing my education with CorePower in a YogaSculpt teacher training, I learned how to successfully and safely incorporate weight training into a yoga practice. 
My classes offer a way to ground down, challenge yourself, and begin to connect to a moving meditation that you might not have thought possible. Can't wait to meet you on your mat! Namaste.








Mona Wells 

Completed her Prana Yoga certification at the Open Center in NYC under the direction of Dr. Jeff Migdow. 

Her classes are a moving meditation - blending a slow gentle Hatha flow with an awareness to the breath and feeling good in your body. 

She continues to study from many gifted teachers and draws inspiration and community from students and classes. The spirit of dance is infused throughout with the aim of expanding our capacity for joy." 








Caith Wright      


My name is Caith Wright and I'm a 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, I practice a Hatha Vinyasa flow from the teachings of Krishnamacharya (as well as having a background in Iyengar yoga). I lived in Indonesia for 2 months while studying and practicing yoga everyday. Yoga is a perfect way to relieve stress and workout. This is a no ego zone - don't worry about your level of fitness or yoga experience! My teachings are foundational with emphasis on the breath. Yoga is one of my passions and I want to share my knowledge with you!







Isabelle Du Soleil      

A Dancer, Yoga Teacher & Wellness Expert, Isabelle is a charismatic Yoga Leader from Paris. She has a passion for Yoga, Dance and Music. 
In her playful Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes, you will cultivate core strength with breath and alignment. You will experience oneness and delight. Her upbeat music will ignite your inner spark. Isabelle teaches Core Yoga Flow, Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Barre, Yoga Jammin’, De-Stress Yoga & Mindful Meditation.

At UCLA, she created & leads 2 programs:
*The Bruin Mindfit, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program.
*The Yoga Leadership/Teacher Training Program.
She also leads international Yoga & Wellness retreats
Isabelle is a Yoga Alliance ERYT500, Experienced Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer with a Yoga Works certification and a Ph.D. in Biology and Pharmacology.







Brenda Johnson      

My Classes are multi level, variations for poses are given for gentler and more vigorous practice.   Some classes are slow and alignment oriented, while others will flow.  

We work with the body (asana), breath (pranayama) and mind (meditation) for a balanced and fun practice.  Touching your toes is optional and never required.
















Layla Negron     


Layla has been teaching since 2011, has completed 4 yoga trainings in Ashtanga and Vinyasa teaching methods, and is 500 hour certified. She teaches with a focus on foundation and integrity in every pose to guide students into an experience that allows them to grow while feeling great in their body and mind. She encourages students to explore their edge but also nurture whatever it is they need in each moment allowing each person the space to let the practice work for them and their individual needs and desires. Her hope is that each person leave a little more grounded, confident and inspired. 






Jackelyn Ho

Jackelyn has been a fitness instructor since 2009 and stepped into the world of Yoga to complement her high intensity formats -- one of her best decisions to date. You can expect to escape the real world and come join a down-to-earth, uplifting, healing, and energetic class where she will tailor the class to fit your needs. Ready? Let's play!s meditation. Namaste! "










Kathy Martelli

Bio to come.