Bruin P.A.W.S. Pro Tips

1. Set up your work station for optimal posture
2. Configure your workspace to increase your daily movement.

  • Think MOVE. How can I incorporate more movement into my day?
  • Move frequently used items like your phone out of reach so that you have to get up to access them.
  • Create a sitting and standing work station if possible.
  • Drink adequate water so that you will naturally get up to go.

3. Set a work:movement:exercise schedule each day.


  • For every 25 minutes you sit, move for 5 mins. Use a timer to keep you on track.

    Examples: March in place, Walk & talk on the phone, Get up to get more water and take a few laps around your office or home before you sit back down.

  • Goal: Turn 4-8 of these movement breaks into 2-5 minutes of EXERCISE

    Examples: Do a MoveMail or perform 1-3 exercises from the Bruin P.A.W.S list each break

  • Use part of your lunch break to fuel your body and part to move your body.

    Examples: Take a longer walk or participate in a Fitness or Yoga class.

4. Make a plan for your EXERCISE breaks
  • Move with MoveMail at 10am and 2pm.
  • Choose the Bruin P.A.W.S exercises, stretches, mobility exercises, or yoga poses you will do each day. Write the exercises in your calendar.


    • One Myofascial Release (Trapezius), One Stretch (Neck) , One Exercise (Bent Over Reverse Flys, 3 sets of 10 reps) @ 8:30am
    • One Breathing Exercise (Alternate Nostril) and One Yoga Pose (Easy Triangle at the Wall, 30 seconds each side x 2) @ 3:30pm

5. Stand more. Alternate periods of sitting with standing.


    • Stand when you make phone calls.
    • Stand during your 5 minute movement break every half hour
    • Stand one minute for every 5 minutes of a zoom meeting.

6. While seated, change positions frequently.


    • Actively sit without using the back of your chair for support.
    • Relax against the back of your chair.
    • Bend your legs. Extend your legs.

7. Fuel & hydrate your body


  • Stretches

 Image 1
Image 2 

1. Figure 4 Chair

Cross the ankle over the knee. Pull knee down towards the floor. Bend at the hip. Keep neutral spine. 


2. Standing Hip Flexor or Kneeling

Take one step back, toes pointed forward. Rear leg is straight, tilt hips back and bend the front knee.


3. Wrist Flexors & Extensors

With extended elbows, pull the fingers back toward the forearms, reverse and pull the fingers back toward the elbow.

4. Pectoralis Stretch

Stand perpendicular to the wall with one arm fully extended behind yourself, rotating the torso away from the wall.


5. Child's Pose- Cat Cow

Start in the all fours position, hands under your shoulders, hips over your knees, round your back tuck your chin, arch look up.


6. Hamstring Stretch- Standing

Start with your feet hips distance apart, knees straight but not locked out, reach your arms over head, take in a deep breath, fold forward and reach for your toes as you let your breath out and hold for 30 seconds.


7. Neck- Lateral, Flexion & Extension

Lateral: isometrically pull the ear gently toward the shoulder; extension: lead the chin in an arched rainbow up and back: flexion: gently pull the chin toward the esophagus


8. Ankle Stretches

Standing or sitting: with light pressure, gently roll the ankle clockwise and counterclockwise.

Strength Exercises

  • Exercises

 Image 1
Image 2 

1. Calf Raises

Feet underneath hips. Feet pointed forward. Push the ground away with the balls of the feet. Heels off the floor. Lower back down controlled. 

2. Glute Bridge Hold

Start in supine position. Bend the knees. Feet shoulder width apart. Heels close to the glutes. Tight core. Extend the hips. Squeeze the glutes.


3. Sit to Stand - Squats

Lower legs perpendicular to the ground, sitting on the front of your chair, drive your heels into the ground and fully extend hips at top.


4. Bent Over Reverse Fly

Hinging fully at the waist, spread the arms laterally and parallel to the ground.


5. Plank

Start in the all fours position, place your hands under your shoulders, knees under your hips, push your shoulder blades apart, pull your belly button in, tuck your pelvis, step both feet back, and hold.


6. Push-Ups ( Elevated)

Place your hands on the surface about shoulder distance apart, align your chest over the surface, make a straight line from your head to your toes, lower your hips and chest until your chest touches the ledge, then push pack up to you start position.


7. Cossack Squat- Modifications

Start standing with your feet wider than shoulder distance, with toes turned out to your comfort. Push your hips back and to the right as you laterally lunge in that direction. Keep your left leg straight and keep your arms and hands in front of you or in a comfortable position. Return to center and then switch everything to repeat on the left side. Level 1: Keep feet on floor and laterally lunge halfway down. Level 2: Laterally lunge all the way down to the ground and allow the toes of your straight leg to come off the floor.


8. Arm Swings Series

Keeping rib cage motionless, move through the shoulders and open/close the arms side to side, up and down, and diagonally.


Self Myofascial/Massage

  • Self Massage - Tennis/Lacrosse Ball

Self Massage
 Image 1
Image 2 

1. Feet

Standing or sitting place the tennis ball underneath the arch of the foot. Slowly roll forward and back.

2. Upper Traps

Place tennis ball at the base of the neck. Slowly roll down and back towards the back of the shoulder, return the opposite way. Avoid the spine.


3. Back- two tennis balls

Tape two balls together, carefully set up off the vertebrea/on the erector muscles, roll laterally or vertically.

4. Calves

Start seated, place ball under the middle of your calf, flex and extend your ankle 5 times, 5 circles with your ankle L/R, bend and extend your knee 5 times.


5. Glutes

Seated in a chair or on the ground, place ball in desired position on the tight area of the glute, rolling in a circular motion, small and large patterns.


6. Hamstrings

Seated in a chair or on the ground, place ball in desired position on back of the leg, roll side or side or up and down.


7. Forearms

Place forearm on a hard flat surface, apply desired pressure with tennis ball or small object by rolling up and down or side to side.


8. Pectoralis

Start standing near a wall, place the ball on your pectoral, lean against the wall, 5 circles L/R, 5 side to side, 5 up/down each side.


Stress Relievers/Yoga

  • Stress Relievers: Breathing & Yoga
Yoga Poses

1. Cactus Arms Flow - Up & Down

Standing or seated - On the inhale, extend your arms up. On the exhale, bend your elbows down with your palms facing forward. Align your elbows slightly below the shoulders. Repeat 4 more times.

2. Wall chest & Hip Openers

Standing 2 feet away from the wall. Face the wall, place your right foot forward touching the wall & extend your hands shoulders apart as high as you can on the wall. On the inhale, extend your spine upward & gently move your chest towards the wall, On the exhale, extend your hips backwards. Take 3 more slow breath then release the pose and do the opposite side for 3-4 breaths.

3. L-Shape Easy Wall Downward Facing Dog

Facing a wall, place your hands at your hips then bend forward from your hips and place your hands shoulders apart at hips level. On the inhale, press gently your hands into wall as you extend your spine. On the exhale, extend your hips back as you relax your shoulders & shoulder blades away from the head. Stay in the position for 3 more breath then release the pose.

4. Easy Triangle Pose at the Wall

Have your feet 4-5 feet apart Turn your front foot forward and back foot slightly inward. Align your front heel with your back foot arch. On the inhale, extend your spine & sides. On the exhale, extend your hips back. Place your front hand fingers onto the wall. Inhale in your chest. Exhale in your hips. Stay in the pose for 3 more breath. Then release the pose by engaging your legs and core. Then do the opposite side for 3 breaths.

Body Scans & Breathing with Links to Audio

1. Short Body Scan Audio

2. Deep Breathing Audio 

3. Anti-Stress Alternate Nostril Breathing Audio

4. Mindfulness of Breath - Compassion & Loving Kindness Audio

Nutrition Tips

  • Nutrition Tips & Resources

Bruin Tip for Working at Home

1. Fill a large water bottle at the start of each day and drink regularly.

Learn about Nutrition Counseling options

Explore additional Fitwell Nutrition Resources

2. Start the day off with a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

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3. Take a real lunch break and tune out for a mental break.

Explore additional Fitwell Nutrition Resources

4. Be mindful of your hunger cues throughout the day.

Learn about Nutrition Counseling options

Explore additional Fitwell Nutrition Resources

5. Have healthy snacks prepared and nearby for easy access.

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6. Know your nutrients. Pick nutrient dense foods for lasting energy.

Read our Nutrition for Immunity Support Guide

7. Practice meal prepping each week to save time and stress.

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8. Remember to take the time for self-care, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

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Participate in a Group Fitness Class

Get daily fitness and nutrition reminders with MoveMail

Learn how to properly use exercise equipment


View Movement Calendars

Designed by our top fitness professionals, the Bruin PAWS Movement Calendars make increasing your physical activity each day easy! We've planned all your movement breaks for you. We've included instructional videos for each exercise to ensure you're exercising with good form, and we've suggested repetition and set ranges that meet your fitness level. Choose the monthly goal that's right for you. If you've been sedentary or are just starting out, start with "Beat Bruinertia." Additional monthly calendars with different goals are added regularly. Short movement breaks throughout your day add up! Change the way you work! Increase activity. Decrease pain. Increase productivity. Feel better!


Click on a calendar below to begin.

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