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Days/Hours of Operation :  Spring 2015 Calendar

          Please note that the Bike Shop is closed for the first week of each quarter, during Finals Week each quarter, over Academic Breaks between quarters, and on Federal Holidays.

Location and Main Entrance : Northwestern corner of the John Wooden Center

Repair Stand with Tools and Air Pump : Just outside the Bike Shop (available anytime)

How the UCLA Bike Shop Works

The UCLA Bike Shop is both a do-it-yourself and a fee-for-service workshop open to the UCLA Community (current students, faculty, staff, and UCLA-Recreation members).*  During the fall, winter, and spring, we also offer a full schedule of Bike-Maintenance and Traffic-Skills Classes. In addition, we administer the UCLA Bruin-Bike-Library which provides quarterly rentals to current UCLA-students. We also have a small fleet of bikes that can be rented by all members of the UCLA Community on a daily, weekend, or weekly basis. Furthermore, we lead bike rides and invite you to try bike commuting with us. Finally, if you'd like help learning how to ride a bike, please feel free to let us know; we can help. 

Fee-for-Service Repairs

If you're interested in the repairs we do, please visit our Repairs Page.

Do-It-Yourself Repairs

If you're interested in fixing your own bike, we'll be glad to give you advice to help you through the repairs. To use our DIY resources, we ask that you sign a waiver taking responsibility for your own repairs and be respectful of our resources and other patrons (e.g., use tools properly, pay for parts before installing them, leave your workspace clean, and return tools to their rightful place when you're done with them). We do our best to serve both our fee-for-service and DIY customers as well as possible. However, our fee-for-service customers do take priority, if we're short on time. 

* Alumni who are not UCLA employees nor members of UCLA Recreation are not eligible to use the services of the UCLA Bike-Shop. Information on becoming a member of UCLA Recreation is available here.

UCLA Bike Shop
2131 John Wooden Center                 
Los Angeles, CA 90095