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The UCLA Bruin Swim Club is designed for children from ages 6 to 17 of all skill levels coached by former UCLA Swimmer, Olympian and World Record Holder Julia Voitovitsch. The Bruin Swim club combines a competitive spirit with training that is developmentally appropriate. Coach Julia regularly evaluates each child's individual level of achievement and works with assistant coaches to ensure that the swimmers are getting the right combination of athletic training, motivational support and having fun!

This program offers year-round workouts at the North Pool at Kaufman Hall, SAC Pool, and Family Pool on the UCLA Campus. There are four groups within Bruin Swim Club: Bruin 1(Very Beginners), Bruin II (Beginners), Bruin III(Intermediate), and Bruin IV or VI(Advanced). All groups practice 4 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) 1-1/2 hour workouts 4:30PM to 6:00PM. Saturday 8:30AM to 10:00AM.  The Bruin VI group has two additional practices on Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30PM to 6:00PM.


To learn how to make swimming a lifestyle.

By making swimming a lifestyle you learn what it means to be committed and disciplined, how to live and enjoy the moment, and how to set long term goals.

We want our kids to have fun while they are working hard. The rewards will come through commitment, hard work and enjoyment of this special sport.


  • Swimmers receive excellent technique training in all swimming strokes.
  • Swimmers gain strength and endurance in all swimming strokes.
  • Swimmers learn the language of competitive swimming and interval training and how to pace themselves in long and short meets.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to become self-disciplined and self-motivated.
  • Swimmers participate in a multi-age group club that promotes friendship supporting one another.


These are the basic criteria’s and any modifications will be at coaches’ discretion.

Bruin I Group (Very Beginners)

  • Swimmers have to be able to swim continuous 50 m freestyle.

Bruin II Group (Beginners)

  • Swimmers have to be able to swim 8 x 100 Free on 2: 30 ( M) or 2: 20 ( Y)
  • Have the knowledge of the basic four strokes.

Bruin III Group (Intermediate)

  • Swimmers have to be able to swim 8 x 100 Free   on  2:00 sec interval  ( M ) or 1: 50 ( Y)
  • They should  master the techniques  of  all four strokes and have the endurance to hold  1.5 hours workouts.

Bruin IV Group (Advanced)

  • Swimmers  have to be able to swim 8 x 100 Free on 1: 40 sec interval ( M) or 1: 30 (Y)
  • In addition to the time requirements kids have to be coach able and committed to swimming.

Bruin VI Group (Advanced)

  • This group swims 6 times per week

**NOTE: We do not encourage our young swimmers to swim more than 4 times per week until the age of 9 to avoid the overtraining effect at a young age.

For more information please contact Head Coach Julia at jvoitovitsch@recreation.ucla.edu

The New Swimmer Flyer is available here.

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